Welcome to Dalung Children Care

Why Dalung Children Care

  1. Air Conditioned Bed Room
  2. Outdoor / Indoor Playground
  3. Library and Multimedia
  4. Patterned activities and under the supervision of an experienced teacher (moral development, physical, motor, cognitive, artistic, etc.)
  5. Monthly Health Check
  6. Food twice a day (healthy and nutritious foods)
  7. Reports of child development per semester
  8. Recreation, Education and The introduction of environmental (outing) per 3 months
  9. Parenting Seminar per semester
  10. Liaison book, book of reports on activities and guide health reports
  11. Other activities to hone their talents and potential

Our Vision

To be a partner for parents tu build and develop children’s positive characters, intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient / emotional intelligence (EQ), discipline, and age-appropriate self-sufficiency.

dalung children care

dalung children care

Our Mission

  • Build children’s positive character and self-sufficiency through habituation process in nurturing.
  • Build and develop children’s IQ, EQ and age-appropriate self-sufficiency through the learning program.
  • Educate the children in order to be able to socialize build confidence through togetherness in every day care’s activity.