Daily Schedule
Morning Snack
Lunch Time
Nap Time
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Age of children entrusted

a. Baby
b. 1-3 years old / children who can walk
c. 4-6 years
d. 7-9 years

Monthly Fee

a. Baby – 2 years IDR. 1,000,000 / month
b. 2-9 years IDR. 900,000 / month

Registration Requirement

  1. Registration fee IDR. 100,000
  2. Fill out the registration form and signed statement letter to follow all activities of our children care and to obey all the rules and submit all administrative requirements such as:
    1. Copy of birth certificate of children
    2. Copy ID of both parent
    3. Copy of a health certificate from a doctor
    4. Color photograph size 4 cm X 6 cm (1 piece)
  3. Monthly fee should be paid at registration

Terms & Conditions

  1. Monthly fee should be paid every month starting from date 1 until 10. Late payments will be subject to a fine of IDR. 20,000
  2. Operational hours ; Monday – Friday are 07.30 WITA – 17.00 WITA
  3. Operational hours ; Saturday is 07.30 WITA – 14.00 WITA
  4. Delays for picking up will be subject to a fine of IDR. 15,000 / hour (30 minutes calculated to 1 hour)
  5. Equipment to be prepared by the parents:
    a. Towel
    b. Clothes for change
    c. Bottles and Formula Milk (for those who suckling)
    d. Pampers (for those who still wear)
    e. Kids get into our children care must already had a bath and breakfast
    f. Bring lunch (snack)
    g. Bring a plastic bag for dirty clothes
  6. During the operational hours, parents are not allowed to enter the area
  7. Children is not acceptable to wear accessories or excessive jewelry
  8. Children TPA not allowed to bring toys from home
  9. We are not accept children in sick conditions, especially if it’s infectious diseases
  10. Our children care off on national holidays or days off the Bali Calendar, unless there is a special request from parents with the calculation of the first 1 hour IDR. 15,000 and IDR. 10,000 onwards (30 minutes will counted as 1 hour)
  11. Everything that has not been clearly stated in these rules will be discussed with deliberation